Apache Series




     Amanda Carroll and her sister travel west after their parents die. The deeper they go into the wild and untamed American west, the more they worry about possible Indian attacks.

      Their greatest fear becomes reality when five armed Apaches surround their coach. Brazenly confronting them, Amanda looks into the dark eyes of their fierce leader only to be shocked by the intense attraction she feels for this bronzed Apache warrior.

     As his prisoner, Amanda learns to love his family as much as she desires Kato, but can their love survive an all out war between their people?

"A compelling story! Wonderfully authentic!" 

–Cassie Edwards, New York Times best selling author




     Continues with the story of the taboo love between a Chiricahua Apache brave and a Baltimore belle in Southwest Arizona in the 1860s. 

     After her Apache marriage to warrior Kayto, Amanda Carroll is forced to find her way back to her uncle in Tucson when Cochise goes on the warpath. 

     Sad to leave Kayto behind, she is nonetheless happy to be reunited with her sister who has fallen in love with the gambler from her stagecoach days. 

     Will either sister ever find the love and peace they deserve?




The End of the Wild and Free Apaches

     Cochise agrees to a peace treaty after an eleven year war. Amanda Carroll finally comes face to face with her "husband" in Washington DC where he is part of an Apache peace delegation to meet President Ulysses S. Grant. 

     She discovers that Kayto had married her arch rival at his mother's dying request and now has a grown son who is also with the delegation.

     Can Amanda and Kayto's love be rekindled or is it too late for a future on the newly established reservation where she becomes the tribe’s first schoolteacher?





     The wild and free Apaches are finally subdued and confined to a reservation in SW Arizona. 

     Tom Jeffords, the Indian Agent, has pleaded with President Grant for better living conditions on the first Indian Reservation in Arizona.   

     Kayto’s son Cougar hates the reservation and the loss of the old ways, but he cannot deny the attraction he feels for the white nah-lin (young girl) Gabriella, Amanda’s niece who at first does not see anything to like about him. 

     No matter, Cougar thinks they have ‘looked’ at each other and that some day she will be his.

  1. Tom Jefford’s meeting with Cochise is a real historical event, and after reading several accounts of it, I have written it the way I’d like to think it went. It changed the course of history. General Oliver O. Howard was able to secure an honorable peace from President Grant for the Chiricahuas, who wanted their land back and their own Apache police force to keep order instead of having the U. S. Army govern them. Tom Jeffords actually was the first Indian Agent on Cochise’s reservation, as Cochise would have no other. In my story, Tom prevails upon Amanda to become the first schoolteacher on the reservation. 
  2. This is fiction on my part as the Apache children were brutally ripped from their families and sent east to a boarding school in Carlisle, PA where they were stripped of everything they knew and were made to conform to a white man’s world.