Anne Marie, a Swedish blonde, is the adopted daughter of a French Trapper in the Wyoming territory. She is kidnapped at the annual rendezvous and caught between the rivalries of two Shoshone warriors, Sure Hand who wants her as a trophy, and Numa who wants to keep her from all hurt and harm.  

Chief Washakie, great leader of the Shoshone, wants to keep the peace with the white caravans traveling the Oregon Trail by protecting them as they cross his land.  

Chief Pocatello wants to annihilate every white man, woman, and child that comes into his territory.

Who will win in the clash of wills for honor, duty, and love? Who will win the black stallion, Thunder, that everyone covets?

SHOSHONE SUNRISE offers an original yet historical novel with well-thought out characters and settings. Writing a poignant love story in another time and culture requires not only a grasp of that culture’s lifestyle and past, but also what today’s reader is seeking. As you swiftly turn the pages of this wonderful book, you will witness how Didier manages on all those accounts. 

--Holly Fox Vellekoop, MSN, Author