Navajo Series



Desire runs wild after dark.

     JoAnna Lund and her father are risking everything to settle safely out west and leave their tragic past far behind. And as a lone rider blocks their trail, they are prepared for trouble. 

     But from the moment JoAnna locks eyes with the tall, proud Navajo brave, she feels an irresistible, dangerous desire. 

     Notah Begay wonders why the young woman and her father have ventured so deep into his people's territory. But he is fascinated by JoAnna's gentle spirit, and her honesty sparks a passion that his carefully-guarded heart can't deny. 

     And nothing - and no man - will prevent him from claiming the woman who has made him hers forever...

"Didier’s novel harkens back to the classic Native American novels of the 1980s with emphasis on the culture, mores, and beauty of the Native American heritage. For readers who miss these traditional stories and their wonderful characters and western adventures, here is a book to make your heart sing." 

—Kathe Robin, RT REVIEW

"An outstanding romance novel...pure reading pleasure and hard to put down." 

–Affaire de Coeur 

"Didier creates likable characters, a romantic setting and romantic tension." 

–Romantic Times 



When Revenge is not enough, surrender is sweeter.

     Revenge for what the U.S. Cavalry did to his Navajo Holy man father was all Bacca lived for until he captured the general’s daughter, and then revenge was the last thing he had on his mind.

     Julietta was an innocent victim in his game of hit and run with the U.S. Cavalry until he stopped her wagon, and she shot him.

     Now all either of them can think of is each other and how to reconcile the differences in race, customs, creed and family.



Two star-crossed lovers - one filled with longing and unrequited love - the other with vengeance and hate.

     Could there ever be a way to resolve their conflict and give into a love that would last their lifetime?

     Bella Begay, the exotic Navajo maiden, and Nahilzay, the Apache warrior, have shared many experiences. However, the greatest of life’s experiences eludes them as Nahilzay follows Geronimo in one last stand, and Bella travels to Washington to see the capital city of the Great White Father.